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Headshots + workplace images: a great investment for small businesses

You may think that only large corporations can afford great photographs and that everyone else should use cheap stock photography –but you’d be wrong. A commitment to branding and good imagery is key — and agrees with me. 

And nowhere is good branding more important than for smaller businesses on the grow. People don’t expect to be introduced to the boss when they knock on IBM’s door, but if you own the neighborhood printing business — your team’s faces, reputations and people skills are critical.  So use them to your advantage.

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To do this, simply make sure your people look their best, represent your business fairly and honestly and then introduce them. Maybe profile them one at a time over a period of months on social media or your company blog?  Most of us would rather do business with a person we know, and just the fact that YOUR people are featured on YOUR website (instead of the generic team you see in all the magazine ads) starts to build a sense of trust and community with your clients. In fact, lots of BIG companies are trying to look smaller and more local to attract this type of business.  Potential clients start looking at you in a new and different way and your team feels proud that they are representing the firm.

sir speedy

A few hours with a professional photographer (at a cost of $1000 or less) can make a big difference in your website, collateral materials and client presentations. Call us at 972-250-2415 for a quote and to learn more about branding your small business, read here



Dallas headshots: Natural light in your workplace?

Got a great lobby or atrium in your building — let’s bring the outside light in for a soft professional look!  Up-to-date and fresh, a natural light business portrait gives just a hint of your environment without taking the focus off of your people.

We will coach you on what to wear and how to design professional portraits that work with your brand and your website (or social media) as well as give you a compelling look for Linkedin and professional trade publications.  One headshot session, carefully planned, can do all of these things. Visit our headshots website:

No pretty lobby in your building?  We can suggest several locations that might work for you or even meet you at a hotel during your next meeting or training session. Headshots don’t need to be stuffy or boring!

Working with our hair and makeup artists on site is also a possibility –so let us help you take the stress out of arranging this for your team.

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Business Headshots for Dallas

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Headshots (or business portraits) change as much as any other style of photography, but because finding and hiring a headshot photographer is sometimes a daunting task, people just seem to wait until they ABSOLUTELY have to have a new one.  Not that you can’t find a portrait photographer on every street corner, but headshots are a specialty, aren’t they?

What three things should you look for when you’re searching for someone to update your business look?  In today’s language it’s your PERSONAL BRAND.  And I would pay attention to these three:

  1. Lighting.  Are the samples online well-lit?  No shiney spots, no dark muddy shadows, good separation between subject and background?  You want clarity and crisp details except for the backgrounds which should be softly obscure (and not fighting for your attention).
  2. Finishing.  Don’t go to a photographer that overworks their images so that everyone looks like they’re wearing a plastic mask!  No matter how much you hate your wrinkles, a good headshot does not mean no lines or contours to your face.
  3. Communication.  You want to work with someone professional, with clear, concise language and pricing. Beware of websites with bright flashing pop up windows and a $9.95 special. This is your business image we’re talking about — don’t you want to be taken seriously?  IF you’re going to overspend on anything, buy a great outfit and hire a really good photographer. And on second thought, a good photographer can make even a cheap suit look good.

Visit our website at:  or our studio at 4950 Keller Springs Rd, Suite 200 in Addison (Dallas)  TX 75001. We can help style your shoot, arrange for professional hair and makeup and coach you to present yourself as the best version of you.


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